Improvements at Frametique



House of Arts, which was based in Maerua Mall, has decided to move to FrameTique. FrameTique’s showroom has now been converted into a gallery in which the main focus is art. Heidi Müseler and Marie-Louise Parkhouse are now be based at FrameTique which will mean that our customer service is improved and there will always be a professional at FrameTique to assist you, the customer, with any requirements you might have. With Marie-Louise at FrameTique all accounts issued can be cleared up directly and invoices can be issued immediately.


We have built an office and printing studio in the old FrameTique showroom. Our printers are now on site which means that we will always be able to print those quick last minute rush jobs. We are also looking to broaden our printing scope in the very near future.


We are certain that our improvements will benefit the most important part of our business, which is YOU, the customer.

Unit 52, Hyper Motor City

Maxwell Street

Windhoek, Namibia

Richard Grant​


Cell No. +264(0) 81 247 3282


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